Friday, 29 November 2013

All wrapped up

 ... and nowhere to go. I wanted to share my German Christmas Treats with you, filled with spices like cinnamon and dried fruit. (Yes, I am putting on MORE weight) These only get baked around Christmas time, so that they retain a very unique Christmassy flavour.
I wrapped them for you! Could be pretty, wrapped up, on a Christmas table!


Some technical hints: 

1 light source with a small piece of polystyrene on the opposite side to reflect light into the darker areas.
Aperture was around f4, for a small area in focus, but not too small. I had to be careful where I placed the focus! Getting the crumbly texture of the stollen loaf was difficult.
Lens 50mm 

(I did use a professional light for these shots, so that the light would only fall in specific areas and the surroundings remained dark, although the same effect could be achieved by photographing at a single window and closing all other curtains and doors.)

Any questions? Comments? Which do you think is the best shot?

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