Monday, 11 November 2013

November Inspiration

The leaves on my little tree have all gone now. In their place hang tiny sparkly raindrops, like little twinkly decorations. It's nearing that magical Christmas time...

... so what can we create now? We can do so much with the theme of Christmas, but let's narrow it down a little bit. Something fun?... Prezzies? I love pretty prezzies.  I love the fact that the way you wrap a small insignificant something can change it into a really special GIFT. The wrapping makes a gift exciting - creates that feeling of anticipation before you open it! 
That's it!


Wrapped can stretch from gift wrap designs, to methods of gift wrap, to packaging, to images of being wrapped warmly in a blanket. Bows, ribbons, paper... it can be wrapped entirely or just have something tied around it.

So I challenge you to create something. A sketch, a design, a photo, a card, a gift. Whatever you feel drawn to do. 

Send your images to, so that I can post them and share them with others. 
And this time let's have a deadline: 1 December 2013. 
(That's the German first advent - it would be great if my Christmas shopping could be done by then too.) 

So there you have your inspiration for your next creation, because whatever you do just have to keep creating!

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