Saturday, 18 January 2014

finding QUIET

It's a new year and honestly I've had quite a few blocks to work through to get back here.

I jumped right in there, joined an online photography group, got tons of inspiration and tasks to conquer, then I tackled the first one and BANG! It was YUCK! My balloon didn't pop it exploded! (Why don't my balloons have thicker skins?)

At the same time I've been doing some personal soul-searching as one does at the beginning of a new year. Up and down, back and forth - you'd get sea-sick inside my head.

And now? Well, first I have to confess that I'm an Image-Addict and what could be the greatest drug for an Image-Addict? Oh, yes!!! PINTEREST!!! (you have to try it if you haven't yet! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!)
SO? ...Well, I was on Pinterest today when I saw a beautiful page called QUIET. It's filled with lovely peaceful images. They were calling me. I wanted to go there - crawl into my Mac and just bask in it. I wanted to be a part of that QUIET. I want to take those images.

At that moment (and I'm not exaggerating) the nearby church bells started clanging, an ambulance's siren went off and a second set of bells started to compete with the first. I had to close the windows, so that I could have some peace and enjoy the images! I really hadn't asked for a sign, but I think I've found my next photo-challenge.


Maybe I can find inner peace, by going backwards and searching for outer peace first? :) It will be a challenge, between running after kids, telling them to stop bickering, dealing with a yapping dog, trying to explain to my youngest that by putting her voice on repeat she is still not getting what she wants...

PAUSE. Do you remember what it's like to have that QUIET moment? Just with yourself.
Where you hideaway and stop everything. Be quiet. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply and relax.
Just a moment, a couple of minutes to gather yourself together. To remember who you are and what you want, before you tackle what lies ahead? It's so easy to lose yourself in everyone else's demands and find yourself wearing thin. Maybe it's time to invest in those couple of minutes again.

Want to help me capture that QUIET?
Do you know where you'd find it?

Here's my inspiration Pinterest Page:
And some more:

Tell me what you think! Send me a comment below.


Michelle Olive said...

I hear you!!!

A very special friend bought me the "Brave Intuitive Painting" book by Flora Bowley for Christmas. I was reading it over the weekend and there is a chapter on connecting with intuition. She explains how to first be still and quiet to connect to you inner self before you start painting or getting creative.

Here is an excerpt from her book ...

"With so many thoughts running through your mind, how do you know which voice to listen to? How do you distinguish your intuitive guides from those well-trained logical voices telling you to make "good decisions" and "do the right thing"? Consider for a moment that your intuition is not always loud. Your inner wisdom is actually quite humble and quiet and doesn't care about making sense. For these reasons, you also need to become quiet to really hear what your wisest self already knows. Try to incorporate at least a few minutes of meditation into each day to connect with your breath and quiet your mind. This practice will creative space for your intuitive guides to emerge and be heard. Remember, the more time you cultivate for stillness, the sharper your intuition will become."

It's such an inspiring book and I can't wait to get started!

Karené said...

So true, Michelle! What she says about your intuition being humble and quiet makes so much sense. How often have I shouted at my intuition: JUST GIVE ME THE ANSWER! And that's when it just shuts down and I end up choosing the sensible thing, and being bitterly unhappy with my choice. Good lesson for me! Sounds like a brilliant book!