Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Quiet Light

This morning I woke up to blue skies and sunlight! That meant icy sparkly frost. So I grabbed the Yapper and my telephoto lens and headed out to the forest in search for some Quiet.

Morning and evening light have a natural quietness about them. The way the light skims the surface of the earth at those times, means that light often reflects in all kinds of directions creating a soft haze. Just the atmospheric light I love!

This morning the sparkly frost and icy air had faded all colour, as the world slowly awoke. I wanted a little more colour, so I changed my colour setting to "Landscape", which increases the intensity of colour slightly.

Early morning light usually has a cold bluey tinge to it, before the sunrise casts its warm glow. I kept that colour tone in the first image below, but thereafter I decided to warm everything up, by changing my White Balance to the "Shady" setting, which tends to give one warmer tones.
And then I wandered around and paused to play in the quiet light.


Lens: Telephoto 70 - 300mm Sigma
ISO: varied between 100 and 800
Colour setting: LANDSCAPE
White Balance: Shady
Aperture: 4.5 most of the time
Speed: varied

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Anonymous said...

Makes you want to walk in that forest