Monday, 14 October 2013


A couple of years ago I reached a point where I was too nervous to create, in case it wouldn't be good enough. I just stopped. In case everyone else's expectations of me would be let down. After all, I have a Fine Art Degree in Photography, so I must be good, right??? The ideas just weren't good enough, the weather wasn't right. Oh dear, I just didn't have the time. Know that feeling?

Then I saw the work of photographers that I didn't think was that great. Yet they were photographing. They had their own websites, they were selling their work & THEY could call themselves photographers. If I wasn't producing work, could I still call myself a photographer?

I reminded myself: It's not the degree, diploma or quality of work that makes you a photographer, designer, artist or creative person. It's whether you're producing anything at all. Because creative people follow their deep inner urge to create. It's just what we do and it's only when we're creating that we can improve and grow and become what we're meant to become.

So this blog hopes to encourage you and me to pause  our busy lives, take a breath, look around, find inspiration and then create and create and JUST KEEP CREATING...

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