Wednesday, 16 October 2013


So how are your yellow ideas developing? Is it jumping out at you everywhere too? I've been driving around and seeing road workers in yellow raincoats, yellow warning lights, yellow road signs, yellow buses, I almost caused an accident, while peering at the yellow plants outside a nursery and I found myself eyeing a mustard yellow jacket at a clothing store.

What is it about YELLOW that makes it so strong and vibrant? I recently did a course on Surface Pattern Design. There they had an interview with Louise Gale, a colour enthusiast. I enjoyed hearing her views on how colour can physically give you different energy, because colour is literally made up of waves of energy.  She suggests that when we choose something to wear - because we "feel like it" - we sometimes choose the colour according to the energy we need, that day.

On her webpage on Creative Colour Energy Workshops she gives us a sneak peak into her colour journal. I love the way she's taken scraps of colour inspiration and stuck it all together. Have a look - it might give you ideas on how to store inspiration, too.

In the meantime, I just had to take my little yellow sketch further and after the course I did recently, these images emerged:

So what does yellow mean to you? How much yellow have you been seeing? I think I should buy that yellow jacket...

Soon to come - yellow colour swatches, photographing yellow and some yellow bits and pieces from you

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