Friday, 7 February 2014

February is for...

Have you ever stood listening intently to what somebody was telling you, concentrating hard, focussing entirely on them when... ooooh what a pretty butterfly! I wonder where it's going? Why does it like that flower? Could I follow it? - No, concentrate! What was she saying?

I've been using some of my quiet to focus on finding direction, trying to figure out where I want to go and how I'm going to get there. I've been trying to fix little things that are going wrong and ending up in a grey blur of indecisiveness. I've been staring at lists and lists of stuff I don't get done when - strawberry milkshake - What? It's Winter. No man! Get real! Focus!

When a camera doesn't want to focus properly on a spot, you lift it up, focus on something random in the distance and then when you return to your subject - sjrrr-sjrr and you're focussed!

So February is for FLUTTERING!

I am reminding you to leave your serious work, and now and then to follow that butterfly. See where it goes. I tried it, ok! Trust me. Put aside that to-do list that goes to Timbuktu (it won't go anywhere) and allow yourself to flutter, to have a break, to let your attention wander to anything pretty, anything random that grabs your attention for a split second.

Daydream, follow your thoughts and see where they go! Go window shopping and randomly gather ideas for a dream. Page through a magazine. Tear out the prettiest pictures and stick them down in book. Grab a piece of paper and doodle. Now colour it in. Give yourself a random act of kindness.

Maybe you'll find something new in the process, that triggers your creativity or awakens some long lost desire. Maybe you'll just get a breath of fresh air.

Even if it seems silly, just for little bit, let your feet leave the ground and follow your head into the clouds.

Flutter away! It's February!

Let's chat: What random stuff have you been up to? Was it worthwhile? Why? Tell me in the comments below!

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