Friday, 28 February 2014

Take Flight

February Fluttering was about allowing your mind to wander, to browse the pretties and follow that imaginary colourful butterfly, wherever it might lead you. I hope you enjoyed it. I discovered that when I do that, I practice trusting my instinctive choice and intuition. It gives me confidence in my own creative ability and choices.

When you push that controlling perfectionist mind aside for a bit and just go with the flow, or flutter with the butterfly, you're able to hear that quiet inner voice again - the one that tells you what you like and what you want.

And wallah! That's it! Your own personal style and taste - that bit of magic that adds your personal flavour to whatever you create, whether you're decorating a room, or painting a masterpiece, or making a card. When you're out of fluttering practice, things become stale, stuck. Your creative tanks begin to run dry. You lose that lovely creative flow.

So remember to allow yourself that little luxury. It is important. Play amongst the pretties. Delve into doodles. Create with colour.

Then, you can let your imagination take flight!

Were you inspired to create this month? Or just to escape your daily to-do list? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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