Thursday, 20 February 2014

Paper Flutter

I was recently told about a little paper shop, so yesterday I decided it was time to escape everything I had to do and track it down. So I left the washing, I left the admin, I left the blog which I had no idea what to write about and I stole some time for myself. Some time for my mind to wander.

And I was not disappointed. It's a beautiful little shop, (Papierwerk), with big sheets of colourful patterns and paper boxes and cards and writing paper (haven't seen writing paper in ages) and notebooks and washi tape... I spent ages just fluttering from one thing to the next, touching and letting my mind wander to all those creative things I COULD do with all these enticing pretties. Eventually I felt I had to buy something. I bought paper and it's so beautiful, that I think might simply frame it.

Anyway, a paper shop is a wonderful place to release your creative mind and see where it goes. The eye LOVES repetitive patterns. It's soothing for the mind. And the succulent colour combinations you can create surrounded by colourful paper can release zillions of creative ideas bottled inside of you. Your instinctive choices of what you are naturally drawn to, can help you rediscover your personal identity.

We're so digital these days, that it's refreshing to touch and hold beauty in our hands. On the Surface Pattern Design Course I did, one of the exercises was to print, cut out and physically arrange the motifs you'd designed. Being physically involved with a digital idea and holding the paper in your hands makes such a refreshing difference. Buy some paper, cut it out, arrange it, fold it, touch it.

I recommend a paper store for your February flutter, especially if you're feeling stuck and in the need for more creative flow.

At the same time (these things do happen to me) I got an email about Paper Courses on Paper Love (if you love paper it's worth wandering over to) and my current favourite idea: The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swop. This is an international creative link. Everyone taking part makes a handmade postcard, with some stitching on it. You register and then get an address to send it to. Someone in the world also sends you one in return. I find the idea of sending out a physical piece of my creativity to another creative person somewhere in the world, very exciting. If you'd like to take part too, have a look at the site, but I think the deadline is TUESDAY 24 February 2014, so do so quick! It's a wonderful way just to have some creative fun!

Let your mind wander, flutter away and create something.

I'd love to hear about your paper loves in the comments below...


Michelle Olive said...

I must admit, I have a penchant for collecting beautiful patterned paper whether it be scrapbook paper, gift wrap or even journals with beautiful covers (very hard to find in SA apart from Exclusive Books). I wish we had a shop like that here ... maybe an idea?

I also love the stitched postcard swap such a wonderful idea. I would love to participate and I even have an idea in mind, but it will be a little tricky with one hand in a cast (*sigh*)! Will most definitely sign up for the next one.

Lesley McDonald said...

Hi Michelle
I discovered Paper World (16 8th Ave Edenvale). I'm sure Karene used to go there too, hope it's still there. I experienced all the things Karene talks about - and explosion of creative ideas. Whilst I didn't turn them into action I sure felt alive thinking about it, and touching and feeling everything!

Lesley McDonald said...

Karene your images are just beautiful and everytime you send a reminder I feel my spirits soar! Thank you x

Karené said...

Hmmmm... I love your ideas! You open a shop and I'll be your first and most loyal customer! and I know of someone who might be convinced to open a coffee shop and someone else with a decor shop next door! ;) Got to keep dreaming. "The dreams you return to the most, are your destiny!"

Sorry to hear about your arm. But next year stitched postcard swop! No excuses! :D

Karené said...

Oh, good tip! The shop is in quite an odd location, but has beautiful hand-made papers. A little treasure for those of us with a paper fettish.

Karené said...

There is a smile plastered over my face! Thank you. You have made my day!

Michelle Olive said...

Thanks Lesley! Will definitely go and have a look ; )