Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine Milkshakes

You thought I was joking! It's dark, cold and grey here. Perfect weather for hot chocolate and coffee and dark moody images, which seem to be filling the Pinterest food pages. I'm a coffee and chocolate addict. (Some people smoke, I drink coffee.)  Strawberry milkshakes are not really... my thing. But when these silly distracting thoughts keep popping into your head, sometimes you just have to follow them and see where they go.

Milkshakes make a day fun! Whenever my children do well or if they get hurt, my mom sends instructions: "Take them out for a milkshake!" And off we go.

So on my youngest daughter's birthday, I made gourmet strawberry milkshakes for the girls and myself, with real frozen berries, ice-cream, milk AND a dash of real cream. They were SO good that I decided strawberry milkshake fun had to be set up and photographed! (Insider Tips) Let's just say it was a photography flutter. A good distraction that lead me to some lovely images.

And? Are you drooling yet? Scroll down...
Hey it's Valentines Day! Sounds like a good reason for milkshakes.
(TIP for the South Africans out there: Steers or Wimpy = INSTANT FIX)

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