Thursday, 6 March 2014

Choosing Colour

March is practically Spring in Europe, as far as I'm concerned. The last couple of months it's felt as if somebody put a sheet of tracing paper over the picture. The light has been flat, faded and the colour bland. But now, the paper is lifting. I have even seen a few buds of colour peeping out. There is a promise that there will be full colour and light again, soon.

So this month I choose :

I'm going to send you images filled with gorgeous colour! I want to make images where colour is practically more important than what's in the photos. I want to experiment with colour combinations and I want you to rediscover the joy of colour too!

Do you remember when you were a child and you were asked, "What's your favourite colour?"

Did you also hate that question? I found it so hard to answer, because there were so many beautiful colours and, and ... what if I changed my mind?! I chose blue at the time and blue has travelled along with me, in the background through the years. But in the foreground my favourite colour changes all the time! And it should! Colour love grows and changes according to the colour and energy you need in your life, at that time.

At the moment (that means today) I'm loving a coral red. See the flowers I couldn't resist at the local supermarket? The colour vibrates with so much warmth and energy. It's uplifting and bold. And when I occasionally take it a step further and wear my turquoise jewelry with my coral red shirt, I want to laugh at myself for the crazy beauty of it. I probably even look a bit crazy, but I hum with bright creative energy all day.

Living a colourful life, is about listening to your quiet voice of intuition and instinctively choosing colour that makes you feel good. Whether it be adding a bright fun scatter cushion to a room or adding a colourful scarf, necklace, shoes to your outfit, or it can simply be noticing, absorbing the colour around you. A splash of fun, delight, joy or peace.

In the masses of visual onslaught, we're exposed to daily, what colour speaks to you and shouts: "PICK ME! PICK ME!" louder than all the other colours? Which colour makes you smile? Is it a soothing grey-green or a delightful, fun lime? Do you need a light, airy blue or a full deep grape? Or is it just a happy-go-lucky yellow that's calling to you?

Do yourself a favour and listen to that voice! Next time you're window shopping, or paging through a magazine or fluttering. Pick your colour. Buy one thing - a bowl, a vase, a flower, a sheet of paper, a shirt - choose your colour and put it somewhere where you can see it, and it can make you smile, every day.

So? What colour are you naturally drawn to at the moment? How did you figure it out? And...? Did you get something?

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