Friday, 28 March 2014

The Colour of Flowers

Today's colour boost comes straight from nature. 

This week I went on a mission back to the little paper shop, because near there is a lovely little florist and I was on a mission to capture some natural colour. (... yes I did buy some paper too! Again!)

The florist at Flora Ambiente, was very helpful and patient with me as I hand-picked the individual blooms for my photos. She pointed out the graceful shapes and forms with such love, it reminded me what creative people florists are. Flowers are natural creations that instantly rebel when you put them in my hands. They always turn in the opposite direction I want them to and end up just doing their own thing. I've learnt to accept that, and to appreciate the magic that florists do. They are masters at combining colour, shape and form into tightly wrapped works of art. Works of art that always bring pleasure to somebody, that capture joy in fresh fragrances and beautiful colours! Works of art that are temporary - so they always have to keep creating more! What a creative life to create with colour every day!

The ballet studio where my daughters do ballet, always have fresh flowers. When you walk in there, you immediately feel happy and good. Everyone comments and enjoys the flowers. It creates a lovely atmosphere.

So I've bought a new vase, so that I can regularly treat my family to a splash of colour. The vase is made up of a circle of little bottles glued together! So clever! The flowers can stand and turn and lean in any direction they want to now and because of the way the bottles are arranged, it always looks good. So now I choose whatever colour I'm in the mood for that week and it always brings me joy!

PAUSE: Live creatively! Go take some time, and wander around to your local florist. Just look around, ask about the names of the flowers, smell them, touch them, admire the shapes and the delicate patterns - and then treat yourself, to your own splash of colour. 

Enjoy it!

(NOTE: The photos below are available to buy as Fine Art Prints from Society6)


Anonymous said...

Love the bold colour of the Gerbera - nature's boldness at its best. And then the gentle, old-fashioned pinks... I can almost smell the interior of the florist's shop. I agree: floral boutiques are creative, but in such a quiet way. Little havens of quiet while life whizzes by outside.

Karené said...

"havens of quiet" - you are so right! I need to pop in to florists more!

Anonymous said...

Love that you are on Society 6 - well done! Cath

Karené said...

Thanks Cath! Glad you can finally leave comments!