Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pantone Colour Trends - Spring 2014

I'm not one to follow trends religiously - I'd much rather follow my own gut! But when a bunch of colour-fundis put together a delicious range of colours, why resist? You know you're going to see them all over the place - in fashion, in design and interior decor.  So when you have millions of colours to choose from, doesn't it make sense to narrow your choice down a bit? And these so speak to my gut, anyway! Using an existing colour palette like this one can be a fun starting point or very limiting challenge.

In my case it was a bit of both - fun, but not easy. The colours are generally quite soft, mostly cool, with a lot of purply hues. My eyes started to weigh up everything around me, just in terms of their colour. 
Here are some of the shots:

My favourite of the colours is the Cayenne! Which of them speaks to you? Give me your vote in the comments below.


(PS For you Southern Hemispherians or advance planners - You can find the Autumn colours in Pinterest here: Pantone Colour 2014 )


Anonymous said...

Definitely Purple Haze (sounds so 70s and therefore familiar!). Then Hemlock. Or violet Tulip.

Karené said...

Lots of purples here for you to revel in! Add the Hemlock then you have a wonderful mix. Enjoy!