Thursday, 13 March 2014

Lemonade Syrup - Lemon and Blue for you!

You know that special homemade lemon syrup, that you only really get at farm stalls or markets? Well, this is one version - Wait, this month is all about colour, hey? Yes I know, but I got distracted, ok? Isn't it wonderful? 

I love blue and this is the specific blue that has traveled around with me everywhere, since I was a teenager. Ask my friends and they'll say : It's your blue of your blue and white kitchen. And it is! (I have this wonderful collection of blue and white bowls to match!)

Anyway, in the passed week,  I've had this urge to add yellow to my blue - blue and yellow pansies in my kitchen window, daffodils and blue flowers in the garden, lemons in my blue bowls - and then I saw a recipe for lemonade. See it DOES all make logical sense! 

So here's your colour boost, with a hint of lemon.

Quick&Simple Lemon Syrup. 

  • Really! 2 minutes squeezing + 5 minutes boiling = 7 minutes to YUM!
  • Kids can help - My daughter went singing through the house: "We made Lemonade!" (on repeat)
  • The most difficult part is choosing which empty wine bottle, you should wash out for the syrup.
You will need:
  • A simple plastic juicer (lemons are soft and squeeze easily)
  • A clean empty wine bottle with cork
  • A small pot
  • 5 lemons cut in half and ready to squeeze
  • 1/2 a cup of water
  • 1/2 a cup of sugar (I used brown sugar, because it was all I had in the cupboard - probably why my syrup was slightly brown in colour)
  1. Squeeze your lemons and pour juice into the pot
  2. Add Water and Sugar
  3. Bring juice to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes
  4. Pour into chosen wine bottle, while warm. 
  5. Allow to cool and store in the fridge
Serving suggestions
  • Dilute with plain or sparkling water, and add ice
  • Dilute 1 to 10, or however you want to
  • Try adding fresh chopped mint leaves
Wallah! Done!
It doesn't make a huge amount. Probably about half a litre, which means that you'll have polished it off long before it ever has a chance to go off. No preservatives! Good old-fashioned good stuff.


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