Thursday, 13 March 2014

Stitched Postcard Swap - CREATE

I got my postcard! I got my postcard! I am just SO special!

I have a Paula Joerling  original! She created my postcard with layers of snippets of paper, of text - lovely definitions of all the words relating to the postcard swop. Very clever! Somehow she's made all the paper melt together beautifully and then she stitched it together with the word Create. I love it!

Here it is:

I love the fact that the Great Stitched Postcard Swap, gets people to create something inspirational, and then give it away. It encourages a kind of random creative generosity. Throwing my postcard into the postbox was like tossing a message in a bottle, out to sea. (I hope it gets there in one piece.) I don't know the person I've sent it to, but hope that my message will bring her a little joy.

A friend of mine made me think recently : WHY I feel I need to inspire people to create stuff or just include creativity in their lives. My answer was that Creativity gives life flavour! I believe we all need a little of it in our lives and when so much emphasis is placed on logic and practicality and day to day slog, we sometimes forget to include that flavour, enjoyment part. I've received some lovely emails from people who are re-discovering their flavour.

So even if you didn't take part in the postcard swap, this year, I hope you're inspired to go out and make stuff, share a little bit of you with others, and enjoy it!

Just keep creating!

If you want to see what other creative people have done, creating their beautiful postcards, go to facebook here: Postcard swap and then click on Recent Posts by Others 

Lisa, from Australia also left me a comment - see her beautiful creation on her blog: Sprouting Creative Wings 


Paula said...

Finally got my post up this morning-thanks so much for the card!
Keep giving life flavor! xopaula

Karené said...

Thank you Paula! This was so much fun! Your card hangs next to my computer and reminds me of the fun of creating, every day!